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Clinical team

Clinical team

We provide a full clinical team of Senior ABA Consultants, ABA Consultants and ABA Therapists. Our staff are highly qualified, fully trained and inspired to help improve the lives of young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and other complex behavioural needs.


Senior ABA Consultants & ABA Consultants 
We require all Senior ABA Consultants and ABA Consultants to be Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and/or hold an MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis. All senior staff have extensive experience working across a variety of age groups and settings in both the UK and internationally.


Cormac Duffy
Registered Manager
Catherine Browne
Senior ABA Consultant
Oderay Alonso Sancho-Davila
Senior ABA Consultant & Early Intervention Lead
BA(Hons) Psychology, MSc ABA, BCBA
Vanessa Haydock
ABA Consultant
BSc Psychology, MSc ABA
John McCahill
ABA Consultant
Cormac McReynolds
ABA Consultant
BSc Hons (first class) Nursing Sciences (Learning Disability Nursing), MSc ABA with Distinction, BCBA
Mary Murray
ABA Consultant
Mansi Rajadhyasha
ABA Consultant
Masters in Special Education, Emotional and Behavior Disorders (Hons)
Joanne Thompson
ABA Consultant

ABA Therapists
Our ABA Therapists are enhanced DBS checked and receive full induction training. We are early adopters of the BACB’s Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential. The RBT is a newly established credential for therapists to certify that they have received the training needed to provide the highest possible service to their clients.

All staff are employees of Beam, receive ongoing training and adhere to the Beam code of conduct. As well as formal ABA certification and qualification, we recognise that our team need to build positive relationships with the individual and their support network. Our recruitment process, experience and strong working relationships with other professionals and parents ensures each team is well balanced to meet the individual’s needs.