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Beam provides ABA programmes for individuals with ASD, ADHD and other behavioural needs across the UK. From science to practice, our team of behaviour analysts uphold the highest standards of professional and ethical compliance. From accepting referrals through to programme implementation and beyond, we take all the necessary steps to ensure we are ambitious in our goals and expectations.

When designing and delivering an ABA programme for an individual, we consider two core components: Behaviour Management and Skills Acquisition.

Through Behaviour Management we seek to reduce behaviour which is detrimental or harmful to learning. This can include defiance, self-injurious behaviour, aggression, destruction of objects, outbursts, obsessive/compulsive behaviour and various stereotypic behaviour.

Through Skills Acquisition we seek to remove the relevance for detrimental behaviour by teaching the adaptive skills necessary to meet needs appropriately. Such skills include: functional communication, social competence, self-help, safety, leisure/recreation, and a range independent life-skills.

Once these skills and behaviours are identified, data is collected on the frequency or duration of each. This data becomes available for the ABA Consultant to analyse, review progress and tweak where necessary to ensure goals are being met.

We provide ABA programmes via two different delivery methods (see below for more details). Our clinical team are happy to discuss the most suitable service type for your child and your family.

Home-based ABA programmes


  • Implemented by an ABA Consultant and a team of ABA Therapists in the individual’s home
  • ABA Consultant and ABA Therapists attend face-to-face sessions with the individual
  • Full programme oversight by an ABA Consultant in collaboration with a Senior ABA Consultant
  • Assessment and programme design by a Senior ABA Consultant
  • Continual data analysis, monitoring progress and reporting by ABA Consultant


  • Minimum 15 session hours per week to ensure clinical effectiveness


  • One off assessment fee
  • Programme set up fee
  • Hourly rates for ABA Therapists, ABA Consultants and Senior ABA Consultants
Availability London, Birmingham and the South West
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Online ABA programmes (Parent OR Therapist led)

Delivery (Parent Led)

  • Implemented by the parent or carer
  • Senior ABA Consultant provides coaching, mentoring and guidance to the parent via video calls
  • Full programme oversight by a Senior ABA Consultant
  • Assessment and programme design by a Senior ABA Consultant
  • Continual data analysis, monitoring progress and reporting by a Senior ABA Consultant

Delivery (Therapist Led)

  • Implemented by your existing ABA therapist
  • Beam ABA Consultant provides feedback and guidance to the therapist via video calls
  • Full clinical oversight by an ABA Consultant
  • Assessment and programme design by an ABA Consultant
  • Continual data analysis, monitoring of progress and reporting by an ABA
  • Consultant – facilitated by a data collection app

Frequency (Parent-led)

  • Minimum two online clinical sessions with parent/carer per month to ensure clinical effectiveness and support

Frequency (Therapist-led)

  • Varies depending on number of therapists

Pricing (Parent led)

  • One off assessment fee
  • Three different monthly pricing options available to suit all budgets and level of support needed

Pricing (Therapist led)

  • Set package fee £750pm – no additional costs for reports, travel, email support
Availability World-wide
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