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Free Parent Training

As part of our online ABA programmes, we have created a unique library of eLearning created to give parents/carers a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis).

This is now available to all parents/carers as a FREE trial.

ABA Pathfinder is the first digital service in the UK to bring ABA Consultants into your home using video conferencing. Programmes are led and supervised by a BCBA accredited Consultant who creates an individualised ABA programme of behavioural management and skills acquisition goals for your child. As the parent/carer you take on the role of ABA tutor, having accessed a full programme of eLearning and with coaching and mentoring from the Consultant via video conferencing and email support.  Find out more.

This innovative approach makes ABA accessible and affordable for more families, with an ABA Pathfinder programme costing around 80% less than a traditional, intensive in-home programme.

To access our FREE taster sessions, please fill in the form below.  Whether you are considering an online ABA programme or not, we are confident all parents/carers will benefit from the learning these two modules provide.