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Online ABA Programmes

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is proven to be effective in bringing about meaningful and purposeful change in behaviour for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and other behavioural needs.

Using video technology, ABA Pathfinder brings a MSc/BCBA accredited ABA Consultant into family homes at a fraction of the cost of other programmes. Parents lead the ABA programme guided by the Consultant, implementing the strategies identified to light a way towards progress.

Our approach

Person-centred ABA programmes

Each individual is unique, which is why our ABA programmes are developed on an individualised basis by an experienced MSc/BCBA Consultant to bring about meaningful change in behaviour.


Based on proven clinical evidence

The model of telepractice – where a clinician and patient are connected using video technology – is clinically proven to be successful for individuals with ASD, ADHD and other behavioural needs. Parent’s leading therapy programmes has also been proven to improve symptoms and behaviour of children with autism. Read more about clinical evidence.

Led by and built in collaboration with parents

ABA Pathfinder has been created with families to ensure that it’s an effective, affordable and easy-to-use service which meets the needs of each individual and their family.


Grounded in foundations of ABA

All programmes are outcome-focused and data-driven, built on objective data collection which guides decisions on reducing negative behaviours and teaching replacement adaptive skills.

How it works

ABA Pathfinder is a guided online programme led by parents. The ABA Consultant works directly with the parent/carer, who adopts the role of an ABA tutor. Video calls are held with you rather than with your child.  

You receive all the tools, strategies, coaching and support needed to implement an ABA programme individually designed for your child, with the Consultant having full oversight of the programme to ensure it meets its goals and is aligned with best practice clinical standards.

Assessment & programme development
Using the information provided during the online assessment stage (more details below), an ABA Consultant creates a person-centered ABA programme carefully tailored to the individual.
Data collection & analysis
Parents collect data through an app on their smartphone or tablet on behaviours identified in the assessment stage. This data is immediately available to the Consultant to analyse. Video footage is also analysed by the Consultant to give a full context to particular situations and scenarios.
Programme support
The Consultant oversees the implementation of the programme by the parent and provides regular support and guidance via email and video calls.
Monitoring & reviewing process
Throughout the programme, the Consultant monitors data collected by the parent. At least twice a month, the Consultant and parent review progress together in an online clinical session (more details below). The Consultant reports on data analysis, ensures goals are met and continues to refine the programme.
Upskilling & development
Between sessions, parents have full unlimited access to a specially created ABA eLearning library to supplement their learning and knowledge of the principles of ABA and associated teaching strategies, as well as peer-to-peer support forums.
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Pricing options

Getting started

  1. Assessment form completed
    To begin the assessment stage, click the Book Assessment button below. An ABA Consultant will be in touch to organise a time to complete the assessment with you. They will guide you through the assessment form, which should take about 30 minutes to complete.
  2. ABA programme created
    Once the assessment form is completed, the Consultant will develop the ABA programme using the information provided in the assessment form and additional information gathered during discussion.
  3. Discussion and consultation
    The Consultant will take you through the ABA programme via a 60 minute video call and explain next steps to begin the ABA Pathfinder programme.
  4. Programme commence
    Once the programme has started, you have ongoing support and coaching from the Consultant as well as access to the eLearning platform to supplement your knowledge.