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Services for autism

Services for autism

Across the world Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is widely accepted as a successful intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and other complex behavioural needs, and is endorsed as a scientifically proven approach by numerous associations and professional bodies.  


Behaviour Management Strategies

When designing an ABA or early intervention programme for an individual we consider two core components: Behaviour Management and Skills Acquisition. Through Behaviour Management we seek to reduce behaviour which is detrimental or harmful to learning. This can include defiance, self-injurious behaviour, aggression, property destruction, outbursts, obsessive/compulsive behaviour and various stereotypic behaviour. Through Skills Acquisition we seek to remove the relevance for detrimental behaviour by teaching the adaptive skills necessary to meet needs appropriately. Such skills include: functional communication, social competence, self-help, safety, leisure/recreation, and a range independent life-skills.


Watch Tim’s journey which explores how working with an ABA therapist has helped to bring about a meaningful change in his behaviour, enhancing his experience of the world.

  “Louis enjoys his ABA sessions and has really bonded with the Beam staff“

Early years <5yrs

Our early intervention programmes focus on language development and social interaction. We offer home-based programmes which can be high-intensity 1:1 programmes, respite or compliment mainstream pre-schooling, with shadowing where required. Referrals are received from local authorities, the NHS and directly from families. You can read more about our early intervention programmes here.

School Years 5-18yrs

Sessions typically take place around the school day and during the weekend, both at home and in the community. Shadowing is also available, as well as overnight support and weekend respite. Referrals are received from local authorities, the NHS and directly from families. To find out more contact us.

  “He was finding classroom instructions difficult to follow and his peer interactions were limited.“

  ABA programmes aimed at independent living, building social networks and academic success.

University 18yrs+  

Our ABA programmes for students have successfully helped many through their higher education, from the first term to graduation. We help to mentor and coach young adults during the academic day in lectures, on campus and in student accommodation. Our services frequently fall under the Non-Medical Helper category of a DSA (disability support allowance) funded by Student Finance England (SFe). Your Needs Assessor or Student Support Services can help in accessing our services. To find out more contact us.

Transitions 18yrs+

We are experienced in supporting young people with ASD and ADHD transitioning from school to college or into work, and from the family home into independent or supported living. Our ABA programmes for include sessions which shadow in the college or workplace, as well as within the home and in the community. These take place throughout the day and evenings. Where needed we can offer overnight support. Referrals are received from local authorities, the NHS and directly from families. To find out more contact us.

  “The team have opened up Noah’s world”