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Marketing Test - Please Ignore

New Parent Training Course in Limerick

Beam ABA Services is delighted to announce our parent training course is being made available to parents living in County Limerick. This training is for parents of children aged 2-8 years who have a developmental delay and/or a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It can be difficult for parents to access the supports they […]

Getting school ready

  For many parents, the transition to school from nursery or pre-school for their child can be a stressful, worrying and emotional time, especially for those with a child with special educational needs. The expectations are higher, the days are longer, the teaching style differs, whilst also taking into account a new environment and new […]

ABA Pathfinder: One year on

  Catherine Browne, Senior ABA Consultant (MA BCBA) at Beam ABA Services talks about the first year of our online ABA service, Pathfinder.     It’s been just over a year since we launched our online ABA service, Pathfinder. It has certainly given me a new perspective as an ABA Consultant. For over 10 years […]

ABA: What is Reinforcement?

  Reinforcement is the most important and widely applied principle of behaviour analysis and it shapes how we all behave on a daily basis. Consider the following list of things that most of us do in everyday life: Brush our teeth Use an umbrella when it’s raining Take an aspirin when we have a headache […]

Transition to Adulthood: Supporting Young People with Autism

    People often say that once they become parents, they never stop worrying about their child no matter how old they become. There are worries about their children adapting to school, making friends, navigating the choppy waters of adolescence, all the way through to establishing a career and having a family of their own. […]